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"The best way to predict the future, is to create it." ― Kazdam's About Section

Kazdam (formerly known as evilthunderguy1) was the former self-proclaimed "Myth King", a title which he used as the leader and founder of the RM Foundation. He stepped down when he got into controversy, and was exposed for being many myths.


Kazdam joined Roblox on 04/17/2012, by the name of evilthunderguy1. Between the years of 2012 and 2014, he started to learn about Roblox myths. In 2014, he founded the group, Roblox's Myths. As the years went by, the group grew to be the biggest Roblox myth hunting group within the community. In mid-August, 2020, Kazdam had to step down from his role in the myth community, due to his freshly surfaced scandalous and controversial actions.


Trigger warning, Grooming, Abuse, Pedophilia topics ahead, click "Show More" to view.

Kazdam has been heavily criticized for supposedly making several myths himself and making them popular through his group, many speculate which myths he actually is. The only myths that are confirmed of Kazdam's making is SubjectPyro, MartinCult, most of the myths involved in the Roblox's Myths Shadelight Investigation, and other non-player myths like Smile (Black).

In July of 2018, following a dispute by Louyen and Morgenne, Louyen gave private information about Morgenne to Kazdam. This information included main accounts, along with accusations of pedophilia, catfishing, and manipulation due to Morgenne claiming he was a girl and catfishing Louyen. However, only the catfishing allegation was true.

This led to Kazdam making an announcement over Discord renouncing Morgenne's rank as a myth in the group, as well as Morgenne's information that had been kept private. This very quickly lead to an outrage, mostly across Discord and Twitter, and people would begin taking sides. The general community would begin openly harassing Morgenne, and began unfriending them, and many others came out in support of them. The #stopkazdam movement, (alternatively known as down with kazdam, etc.) would be created following a popular tweet by the myth, "T0PSI" with the goal of forcing Kazdam to abdicate; and/or start drama within RM, and force members and myths to leave the group. The situation eventually resulted in Morgenne being forgiven by the community and their reputation being fixed.

On August 15th, 2020 (leading into the 16th) HallowsFog showed Baron_Eros that him and BLUUDRAGE had confronted Kazdam about the atrocities he had committed. Baron then made a Twitter post that shows Kazdam has been exposed of grooming three underaged girls, abusing his girlfriend, manipulating and lying to his audience and friends, being homophobic and transphobic, and defending pedophilia. Two former close friends (BLUUDRAGE aka taphies and HallowsFog) and high ranks of the RM Foundation spoke up against Kazdam. The controversy was so large that the group, RM, fell apart with admins abusing their powers, massive random demotions, and promotions (done by a bot), the discord being nuked, and RM's games being raided. The attack was lead by Mugen, crowIess, HallowsFog, BLUUDRAGE, Baron_Eros, Foxicarus and support from Grease Gang to tear RM apart. The RM Discord was nearly completely destroyed alongside the group ranks being messed up. The Security & Reception departments disbanded while the DFR was taken out by Kazdam. Kazdam shortly after the controversy started, made a document about his innocence in the situation. The tweet was later deleted by him being under heavy fire due to out-of-context screenshots, lying, and manipulation caught in the document.

Kazdam has confirmed that he has groomed 3 girls, abused his girlfriend, and the rest of the allegations thrown at him. Since then he has retired from being the head of the RM Foundation but as of 9/28/2020, it is proven that he is still attempting to regain access to the group through SenseiViny.


He has a wide array of outfits, some he wears based on mood, but generally Kazdam wears a Black Overcoat, Black Overcoat Bottom, an accompanying "Off The Chain Style" top hat, Steampunk Shades, Trecky Hair, and Serious Scar Face face. He also brandishes the Captain Steelshanks Recruiting Staff which he uses as a cane while in the Roblox's Myths Containment Facility.

Personality and Traits

Kazdam was described as ambitious and determined to develop RM. He usually let his director do most of the administrative work, due to his Laissez-faire type leadership, whilst still upholding his job. On some other rare occasions, Kazdam would fool around on his Discord server by pinging everyone, and having random conversations with others.

Kazdam is now known to be one of the most hated people in the entire myth community, if not the most hated. He secretly did horrible activities, and completely treated some disgustingly behind closed doors. Due to the controversy, he is welcome nowhere and liked by nobody.


  • Kazdam has admitted to being SubjectPyro, MartinCult and Ulifer.
  • Kazdam has confirmed that he is a legal adult (22 years of age) and not 13, as many have speculated.
  • He takes admiration in History and the HBO television show "Game of Thrones".
  • Kazdam takes a lead antagonist role in MUGEN game Burn Kazdam's Shade Shack
  • Roblox's Myths took inspiration from the SCP Foundation, which many of Kazdam's early myth genre forum posts were also themed after.
  • There are some rumors said that he is SethSmiIes. This has confirmed to be false as a joke that he made on his Twitter account.
  • Kazdam owns an alt account called Kazdammit witch is dressed up like Darth Vader.
  • Kazdammit follows a user named Tannerwayne witch is only following Kazdam and is in RM making it likely that they are one of his alt accounts.
  • Kazdam used to run a Star Wars Confederacy type clan group named Imperial Seperatist Empire.


Kazdam's Roblox Profile

The response to Kazdam's, "The Drama", document by BLUUDRAGE.