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"Like I never left." ― LenzCult

LenzCult a myth that is known for being an original member of the Cult Family, and for his games.


LenzCult was born around the same time as DavidCult. Lenz was diagnosed with a mental illness called "Schizophrenia", which is a mental illness that disconnects them from reality. He heard voices and he always thought they were real, they would tell him to do things and would since be a big part of his life. Lenz also had Egocentrism, Disinhibition and Psychopathy. Later on, when Lenz was just a boy, SmithCult murdered MarthaCult with a chainsaw. Lenz later on shot SmithCult two times in the head with a revolver and hid his body in a creek nearby. Lenz may have the highest number of murders in the family due to his impulsive behavior, in his games you see lots of garbage bags which he stuffs deceased body parts in, you even see a bit of dead animals in his game such as 3 dead cats in his bar, one dead dog in the pit by his bar. Some people even believed that Lenz's murders were tied to real life murders but obviously those rumors are false. The story fades until a point where Lenz opens a coffee bar. Lenz grew a strange interest in guns and you would fine guns all over his coffee bar. You could also find several hints to the murder of SmithCult in his game. The history fades again. Later on the new Cult Family was born introducing the "Cult Family Manor" Lenz did not join and again the story fades.




LenzCult currently wears the "Western Steampunk" hat, the "Rusty Silver Paintball Mask", the "Brown Sweater" shirt, and the "Dress shoes" pants. He also uses the "Stare" face.

Personality and Traits

Lenz is rather silent and doesn't talk much, however does have open discussions with other myths.


Someone Was Weeping In the Woods, I Didnt Answer


My House


LenzCult's Coffee Bar!


Sunflower field





  • Lenz is the son of SmithCult and MarthaCult, and brother of DavidCult.
  • He does not like the Cult Family following the new changes that were brought to the family in 2018.
  • Lenz supposedly killed Smith after he killed Martha.
  • He has been associated with many other myths before.




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