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"Ain't that a mystery?" -MerleCult

MerleCult is one of the newest Cult family members, he was discovered when the Cult family fled from the old Manor in South Carolina and traveled to Louisiana and were taken in by an “Unlikely Family”. He Arrived in Reformation II, along with AkramCult.


Merle is usually in his room if he’s at the manor, his room is described as very messy and sloppy, he usually leaves food and trash all over. Some players have even said that Merle has a drinking problem, hence the bottles in his room.

There have been some theories that MerleCult is the one who possibly “murdered” the member named “EmmettCult”, due to finding Emmett’s axe in Merle’s room, and him being the one to tell JackCult (Emmett’s adopted son), to forget about Emmett all the time, saying that Jack needs to “toughen up”, and that “Everyone loses someone close, that’s life.” It seems that Merle isn’t even the slightest worried that Emmett is “missing” since the fight between him and MartinCult.


MerleCult created his Roblox account on 3/25/2019. He is one of the newest Cult Family members, he was introduced once the Cult Family moved from the South Carolina manor after it burned down, and headed towards the Louisiana Bayou. He and a few other new members took the family in after EmmettCult talked to them a bit about their beliefs. Merle went inactive for a while until October 6, 2021.


MerleCult’s appearance contains a tan skin-tone, the “Furious George” face, hair called “Great Hair Day”, a mask called “Muddy Mask”, a necklace called “Anchors Aweigh”, he wears the “"MerleCult" (↑)” shirt, and the “"Merle Cult" (↓)” pants.

Personality and Traits

He is very rude in game. He makes fun of things like the RM containment facility and players.

He states to despise the current state of myths and being crowded by others. Despite the fact, he also wants to be seen like anyone else, not some sort of popular figure. He usually insults players for being Myth Hunters and such. Some players have even said that he has a drinking problem, and is even rude towards JackCult.


Trailer Park


Cult Family Rebirth

Merle is ranked "The Family" in the group.






  • MerleCult is one of the Newest Family members.
  • MerleCult can be rude towards other players.
  • MerleCult was thought to be the one who “murdered” EmmettCult. But this has been proven false in 2020.
  • MerleCult & MartinCult have been mean towards JackCult ever since EmmettCult went missing.
  • It is possible that Merle has a drinking problem.




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