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This page consists of the numerous myth hunting organizations that are active on ROBLOX. Some of these groups share the common goal of solving myths and cooperating together to do group hunts. However, some groups, such as Roblox's Myths, participate in closed investigations, in which only members of that group may participate in the hunt. The methods of a group can vary based on its size as well as leadership.

A representative may add their own group to this after it exceeds one thousand members. Please add it in proper order of largest to smallest groups.

Myth Hunting Groups

Robloxian Myth Hunters

Member Count: Around 300k
Leader: jokerkid5898

Main Article: Robloxian Myth Hunters

Robloxian Myth Hunters (often abbreviated as RMH) is the largest myth hunting group on ROBLOX, boasting an 227,000 member count as of late. RMH is arguably one of the oldest myth hunting group in circulation. It is noted that AlbertsStuff, a popular ROBLOX YouTuber, has brought RMH into the public eye in his series in which he myth hunts ROBLOX games. Many myths also join the ranks of RMH. It should also be noted that a large amount of the Cult Family, a classical myth family, have joined RMH and have their own rank dedicated to them. Many other myths, both large and small in popularity, also have joined. The group is indeed run by jokerkid5898, however, Joker has appointed Cenoglyphic to be his second in command, followed closely by the Council. High ranks, such as RMH Administrator and Hunting Prodigy, also have unique jurisdictions and many are moderators in the Discord server. The group was co-founded by lewa1269 and RockOn80s1 (who passed away), whose help is showcased proudly as they have a unique role in the group known as Co-Founder. RockOn80s1 has a memorial dedicated to him in the RMH Park. There is also a memorial built for him in Robloxian Myth Hunters Town by Joker to pay respects.

Roblox's Myths

Member Count: Around 410k
Leader: Exedious

Main Article: Roblox's Myths

Roblox's Myths Foundation (often abbreviated as RM) is the second largest myth hunting group on ROBLOX. RM currently has about 422,000 members, making it one of the largest myth hunting organizations to date. The Foundation has also been noticed by the mrflimflam, who made various videos of breaching myths and exploring the Containment F facility. RM has several Departments that play an integral part in the structure of the group as well as rising up the ranks. One may apply to join a Department, but only after they complete the Myth Knowledge Assessment, which is implemented in order to prove that one is ready to begin the next stage in their myth hunting career. Every Department has a Head, who must be a member of the Council. The Council members are detailed in the department page of this Wikia. In design, RM is much like the SCP Foundation. The headquarters of RM is a Containment Facility (which is visibly based off of the SCP Foundation aesthetically) that houses the different departments as well as various contained myths which are classified as either A(Safe), B(Unsafe), C(Dangerous), or D(Uncontainable). It should also be noted that RM has two ROBLOX admins within their ranks - Brouhahaha and InceptionTime.

Mythsman: Myth Investigation Service

Member Count: 49K
Leader: BIueMirror

Main Article: Mythsman: Myth Investigation Service

Mythsman: Myth Investigation Service (abbreviated as MMIS) is a newer myth investigating group on Roblox. The group was founded in late 2018 by BIueMirror and Lo_Clips. It is currently the 3rd largest myth hunting organization, with about 24,000 members. It holds ties to both RMH and RM as well as other smaller myth groups such as The Myth Association and many more. Mythsman believes in giving everyone a chance and making the myth community a better place. The group is accepting to anyone. Applications get checked frequently and other opportunities for ranking up present themselves as well.

Myth Hunting Unity

Member Count: Around 9.1k
Leader: Universities

Main Article: Myth Hunting Unity

Myth Hunting Unity (abbreviated as MHU) is a newer myth investigating group on Roblox founded by Universities, a well respected myth hunter in the community. It currently stands as the 4th largest myth hunting group.

The Myth Hunt

Member Count: Around 9.71K
Leader: PokeDeity

Main Article: The Myth Hunt

The Myth Hunt (often abbreviated as TMH) is a myth investigative group that looks into the mysterious and spooky side of the community! What are myths? Myths are users who have a story in which is mysterious or unknown. Myths often have a place to investigate to explain their story. There are often hidden lores located in these games, in which myth hunts are often hosted to discover them. We host occasional myth hunts to see what we can find during investigations!

The Myth Files

Member Count: Around 5.93K
Leader: tzic

Main Article: The Myth Files

The Myth Files(often abbreviated as TMF) is a myth hunting group on ROBLOX with strong connections to the House of Morpheus. Its structure is somewhat hierarchical, wherein sharing information about myths can lead to advancement in the rank system. Administrative positions can be applied for certain ranks(in the group's Discord server) such as Adept Hunters, Phenomenal Hunters, and Professionals. While both independent and group hunts are regular occurrences in the group, sharing information is highly encouraged throughout.

Myth Sight

Member Count: Around 2.43K

Leader: MythSight

Main Article: Myth Sight

Myth Sight is a myth hunting group founded somewhere in 2017. It is a relatively small group but contains many well known myths including Ustozi, Spimp, GravityLegends, Jomix and many others. They are rather polite and are always present to chat with one another.

The Myth Association

Member Count: Around 1.26K

Leader: McWaffle4Realz

Main Article: The Myth Association

The Myth Association is a small and a mostly well known myth hunting group. Created by McWaffle4Realz, the group currently investigates many known myths including MrUncertain, Themistius, and Ghlaxanes.

Bureau of Myths

Member Count: Around 22K

Leaders: Exedious, and willsveil

Main Article: Bureau of Myths

Bureau of Myths is a new myth hunting group founded in 2021 by Exedious, and willsveil. It acts like the successes to Roblox's Myths after the Kazdam drama. They are currently investigating Mental Assistance Department, Sketchville, and Tower of Cogs. The group is likely to grow quickly due to Exedious being the current leader of the now defunct RM.