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"Return to me" ― Nethris

Nethris is an old, inactive myth who is known for his connection to WilsonGrey, as well as his game "Home".




Nethris created his account on the exact same date as WilsonGrey - on April 17th, 2014. He created his game shortly after, and it got its last update on February 5th, 2015.


Nethris doesn't wear any clothes or hats, instead, he has an entirely purple body with a black-colored head.

Personality And Traits

It is unknown how Nethris acts, because of his inactivity.



When you join the game, you spawn on an island with a few trees, while ominous music plays in the background. The island is connected to four smaller islands by four bridges. Each of the smaller islands has a black square on it that's rotated 45 degrees. Two out of four of these squares emit a pink fire, while two others emit a red and a white one respectively. Clicking on the black square that emits a red fire will cause a message written in red to pop up, saying "WilsonGrey has gone home", whereas clicking on the one that emits a white fire will make another message to appear, saying "Returning". Clicking the remaining two squares doesn't seem to do anything.




  • Nethris was the first person to follow WilsonGrey, and he's the only person whom the latter follows.
  • Nethris has one game is his Favorites list, and it's called Yard.


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