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Page Deletion Help

Why Was My Page Deleted?
The Myth Community Wiki is an exciting place to make pages! But unfortunately, there are requirements for what pages could be on this wiki. If your page was deleted, it might be because your page didn’t follow the Page Guidelines.

What should I do?
If you want your text back, you should contact an administrator for them to message you the text. If you want your page to come back to the wiki, please state your reason why to an admin and they will decide if your page can come back.

Page Stub & Needs Fixing Guide

If you want something to do on this wiki, you can work on our Stub and Needs Fixing pages.

Blocking Help

Why Was I Blocked?

If you were blocked, you were most likely blocked because you did not follow the General Rules. If you would like to appeal, please join our discord server and message an administrator.

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