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"Hello! My name is Adam! I am a video editor and I run a YouTube channel called Speedy. I'd appreciate it if you were to check it out!
Feel free to say hi when you see me around!
" ― Speedy2662

Speedy2662 (also know as Speedy, Adam, or "Carlito", as formerly called by Albert) is an English popular myth hunter, editor for Albert and YouTuber with his content usually consisting of normal games yet occasionally makes myth related videos.


Speedy2662 is a YouTuber who sometimes does myth-related videos. He is friends with mrflimflam. Speedy's first myth video was posted on July 3rd, 2018. His video focused around the well known myth G0Z. This was his first in a very long line of Roblox myth videos. Speedy would myth hunt with multiple other content creators, such as Flamingo. Adam still uploads myth videos, but his upload rate is not consistent. Adam is very active on Roblox, and is on daily.


Speedy2662 wears a Short Sleeved Blue Shirt, Leather Pants & Nike Shoes, Daring Blonde Beard, Blonde Fluffed Hair, and the Joyful Smile.

Personality and Traits

Speedy's behavior is very similar to Albert's, but he seems to be slightly more mature in recording situations, and appears to just go along with what Albert does.

Speedy has done multiple videos on myths such as Chuck_Lloyd.


  • He has relations to The Cole Family, Saint Abida Tribe, G0Z and his assistants, and Chuck_Lloyd
  • He lives in the United Kingdom
  • He is an editor on Flamingos YouTube channel.
  • He is the only one that Chuck_Lloyd trusted to keep the "coffin key."
  • Adam made a map of the Shadelight maze. When Albert asked, Adam said he took about hours to make it.
  • As of now, Speedy has cut ties with Kazdam thanks to the 2020 Kazdam Drama.


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